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M-GCAT Introduction

M-GCAT stands for: Multiple Genome Comparison and Alignment Tool. M-GCAT is an interactive comparative genomics tool well suited for quickly generating multiple genome comparisons and alignment frameworks among closely related bacterial species. M-GCAT is based around an efficient approach to anchor-based multiple genome comparison and can efficiently construct multiple genome alignment frameworks in closely related species.

M-GCAT also incorporates a data visualization interface allowing the user to globally and locally examine and inspect the conserved regions and gene annotations. The visualization tool is robust and easy-to-use, offering the ability to interactively align and inspect any region among multiple genomes by simply highlighting and selecting it with the mouse.


Download M-GCAT

Current version: 1.5b
Release Date: October 1st, 2009

M-GCAT consists of two components:

(1) The base command-line genome comparison program written in C++, and

(2) A interactive viewer and alignment tool written in python.

To download the entire M-GCAT package, please provide your name, operating system, and a valid email address. Also, if you are planning to use the software on Linux, SunOS, or MacOSX, please specify your currenlty installed version of python. Make sure to verify your python version with "python -V" command, otherwise if the provided version doest not correspond to the version you have installed the following error will occurr when trying to run viewer.pyc: RuntimeError: Bad magic number in .pyc file.

Upon submitting the form, you will be redirected to a functional(yet primitive) download page.


Operating System:

Python version:



Additionally, the following software is required for non-Windows platforms:

  1. PYTHON 2.3, PYTHON 2.4, PYTHON 2.5 or PYTHON 2.6:
  2. TCL/TK 8.3 or newer:
User Guide

Click here for the HTML version of the user guide, and here for the PDF version.


For any problems, bugs, doubts, suggestions, comments, etc:



T. Treangen and X. Messeguer. M-GCAT: Interactively and efficiently constructing large-scale multiple genome comparison frameworks in closely related species. BMC Bioinformatics 2006, 7:433. [PDF]